Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I'm a big dork

This right here is one of the best books I've read in a long time. Yes, it's about vampires, and yes, it's told from the point of view of a teenage girl, but dude, seriously, you can just go suck it, because this book, the first in the series, is awesome. The characters aren't just relatable, I found I couldn't stop thinking about them after I'd put them down. And then, after I'd finished all the books presently out, I had to reread them again. These books are that good. So again, I reiterate, suck it.

I originally found this book buried at the back of a shelf in Target. I finished it that first night, and the next night went out and bought the sequel. Unfortunately , I had to wait a couple months before the third installment came out. Worth the wait. Now everyone's talking about the thing.

Now, I'm reading about it online, and wouldn't you know there's a big debate over which is better: Twilight or Harry Potter. Now, I love Harry as much as the next girl, but honestly, Twilight kicks Harry's scrawny butt.

So today, I find out that a movie is being made of Twilight. At first I'm like, oh, this is totally gonna suck, but then, watching the snippet from MTV News, I'm not so sure. Maybe it'll be good. And maybe it'll ruin what's become my favorite series. I sincerely hope not.


Anonymous said...

I felt compelled to answer this blog post.. why you may ask? I have been reading your blogs for months now (found you thru neatorama) and I think your attitude is AWESOME and not unlike my own!! That being said... I recently bought this book on your glowing review, and I too, thought this book was awesome! So much so I have already purchased the 2 books following.
Thanks a BUNCH for turning me on to this book and for making me laugh! Your blog is wonderful and a highlight to my day.


PrincessPi said...

Heya, Vickie! Well, thanks for letting me know my posts haven't been in vein. I'm glad you're enjoying her books. She's fabulous, yes? I'm glad you also enjoy my blog. It's a nice distraction from the constant nastiness that are my patients' wives. I'm glad I can bring smiles to someone.